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Moreover, we have created a system of levels for our clients.
With each new level you get not only bigger discounts, but also additional bonuses! What could be better than getting discounts that increase with every purchase?

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Based on my experience, I decided to implement a unique cumulative discount system that will allow you to receive additional bonuses for every purchase!
– For PatrickStash every 1000$ deposit, 25 “points” will be credited to the account.
– After reaching the amount of $ 10,000, the status “EXCELLENT BUYER” is given and there is a discount on all cards $1.
– After reaching the amount of $ 20,000, the status of “MAJOR BUYER” is given and there is a discount on all cards of $ 1.5.
For each purchase, you will be rewarded with points that can be used to make additional purchases or receive additional discounts.

My name is Patrick and I am very happy to inform you about the launch of my Credit Card shop – Saint Patrick Shop.
I have been selling patricks cc for several years and decided to launch my own shop in order to provide my customers with the best service and PatrickStash conditions for buying.
First of all, I created this store with special care for customers and I am happy to present you a unique loyalty program.

But most importantly, what I want to share with you is our new feature – the ability to choose the best seller for patrick market our customers.
We have created a rating of our sellers based on customer feedbacks and patrick market ratings to help you make the right choice.